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Label: Sony
Released: 2000

This young Irish singer/songwriter's debut release, Amen (So Be It), is a stunning look at typical heartfelt songs about long lost love, despair, and national frustrations. Hailing from Dublin, Paddy Casey's thick Irish brogue is gorgeously embryonic in his 11 song set list of alternative rock songs and folk-rock tales. He is sultry in moving into all sorts of music, illustrating fine jazz vibes and brief electronic beats. Ragged album opener "Fear" harks with moody desire, and the quick pop feelings on "Whatever Gets You True" is refreshing in a sense that Casey sings about spiritual optimism -- emotion usually found in other Irish artists such as U2 and The Cranberries. His acoustic guitar is a strong guide as his work delves into traditional folklore and such cinematic work is lush and vibrant simplicity. Other key tracks on Amen (So Be It) are the tranquil "Sweet Suburban Sky," "Ancient Sorrow," and the magical presence of "Downtown." Paddy Casey introduces a musical intensity so surreal -- music hasn't seen such talent since the late Jeff Buckley.

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rock / singer-songwriter
1. Fear
2. Whatever Gets You True
3. Can't Take That Away
4. Ancient Sorrow
5. Everybody Wants
6. Sweet Suburban Sky
7. Downtown
8. Would U B
9. Winter's Fire
10. Rainwater
11. It's Over Now
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