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Label: Mutantjasz
Released: 5 mei 2008

Delightful is a musical group from Athens, formed by Pandelis Michaloglou and Thodoris Georgakopoulos in 2001. The music of the group falls under the larger category of alternative rock with English lyrics.

After years of hard work they finally record their first album in the beginning of 2008, under the guidance of the producers Dirk Polak and Tejo Bolten, members of the famous new wave act Mecano. It is released by independent Dutch record label mutantjasz.

The group has performed live in Athenian music stages, in festivals, as well as other Greek cities, such as Patras and Orestiada. They have shared the stage with popular acts like Film, Raining Pleasure and Bocomolech. The musical media had often referred to their music as well as their uplifting live shows.

Bands and artists influential to the sound of Delightful are Mecano, Bauhaus, The Cure, Dead Kennedys, The Sound, Madrugada, Muse, U2, Jeff Buckley, Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, Portishead etc.

After Thodoris’ departure, the band is now consisted of Pandelis Michaloglou (vocals, guitar), Billy Reynolds (bass guitar), Thanos Kanellopoulos (guitar) and Zisis Andriopoulos (guitar, keyboards).

Delightful work constantly towards the goal of being heard by a wider audience in Greece as well as other countries, by composing brilliant music accompanied by inspiring lyrics, and always following a responsible, professional attitude. 

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