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Label: Projekt
Released: 1991

"The whole album is a complete work of art that will go down in time as one of the best alternative/gothic albums ever to come out of the ‘90s. We will look upon Ionia as we look upon other great works of the past, like all Bauhaus albums, early Christian Death, early Xymox (Clan of)." - Isolation Magazine

Released on an unspecting world in 1991, Ionia was Lycia's debut. It instantly found acceptance with fans of Goth as well as ambient music, for it's brilliant blending of intense cascading sound and deep whispered vocals.... Mike describes Ionia as "a soundtrack of alienation, frustration and longing. to be listened to late at night when the distractions of the world are minimal, when a more pure state of emotion can be achieved."

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darkwave / gothic
1. Ionia 5:09
2. A Brief Glimpse 4:39
3. November 2:06
4. Fate 5:49
5. Desert 4:55
6. Renewal 3:16
7. This Moment 5:55
8. Monsoon I (Anticipation) 3:30
9. Monsoon II (Aftermath) 4:00
10. Granada 5:56
11. The Realization 6:09
12. Distant Eastern Glare 6:54
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