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Label: ETF
Released: 1999

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The alternative low-fi band Cradle started in 1994 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands as a solo-project of Johan Visschers (guitar/voice) after quitting darkwave band Flowers for Francis. Soon his brother Henk Visschers (bass guitar), drummer Peter Kahmann and Sylvia Hennequin (keys) completed the band. They played about everywhere around Holland and in some European countries.

In 1999 Cradle recorded and released their self titled mini album on their own ETF label, proving their motto ‘Less is more’ to be a successful one. With their overall minimalistic sound they know just how to build up tension. Johan’s voice, filled with emotion, completes the compositions to raw but yet pure and fragile songs.

Starting with the up-tempo and catchy When Love Is in Your Eyes you might think this is going to be an album listening away like some edgy pop music. Well, it’s not. It’s also hard to catch Cradle in one genre. In Great Open Dump some grunge influences may be present, which are completely gone in Ready, a track that breathes a gothic atmosphere and certainly is an inheritance of a band like Joy Division, the way the synth keeps up the tension and the drums, bass guitar and voice slowly lead you to dramatic guitar explosions. I Is They Is holds on to the dramatic sound but in an up-tempo form, ending up in a music box melody we all know, to enter Cry of Nature. In this acoustic song Cradle again is showing they completely control the art of minimalism. Besides that it seems that Johan is letting loose his emotions in his singing even more than on any track we heard before.
At this point you might easily think that all has been given and there’s no way there could be any surprises left. Then there is the astonishing Escape from the End (A Part of It), which contains one of the best and most emotional sung parts in the history of rock music:
Shake this old tree,
it won't give in.
Like the sun and moon will ALWAYS win.
It's no use, it's all in the game.
We play it until we know,
it's all the same...

Prachtige EP (mini-album) van de Rotterdamse band Cradle. 
Naast het pakkende When Love Is in Your eyes, waarvan de clip hier ook is te bewonderen op YouTube, bevat deze EP een aantal zeer sterke tracks, waarin de band laat zien dat ze de kunst van het weglaten en de opbouw van spanning beheersen zoals je, zeker bij Nederlandse bands, maar zelden ziet. 
In de afsluiter Escape from the End (A Part of It) gaat de zang daarbij nog eens door merg en been om je tenslotte na afloop van deze cd slechts te doen verlangen naar meer...

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post-punk / alternative
1. When Love Is in Your Eyes (2:49)
2. Great Open Dump (2:52)
3. Ready (4:26)
4. I Is They Is (5:12)
5. Cry of Nature (4:59)
6. Escape from the End (A Part of It) (4:29)
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