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Label: selfreleased
Released: 2009

Based in Montreal, Xavier Paradis has been a forerunner of the recent North American resurgence of minimal synth music since his days as Arnaud Lazlaud, active since the 1990s. Under new moniker Automelodi, Paradis has once more unveiled a succinct handful of ice cold, yet infectious tunes ripe for the masses.
The freshly released Fait Ses Courses EP is heavily influenced by the original French coldwave movement. The EP shares a deliciously similar aesthetic once explored by the likes of Martin Dupont, Babel 17, and Trisomie 21, while injecting the moody atmosphere with fun and fancy-free dance grooves and minimal electronics that call some of the best Italo Disco to mind. Despite these touchstones, Fait ses Courses is remarkably transcendent, flirting with a sound that will both shed light on past triumphs and influence many to come.

Paradis’ vocals, primarily recorded in French, still convey emotion even at the lightest, spoken whisper. The result is a highly romantic, fresh, and imaginative offering that not only swells the heart, but stimulates the body. It’s damn near impossible to sit still while listening to Fait ses Courses, as each of the EP’s main tracks are polished and primed for even the grittiest of dance floors. For those paying attention, there’s even a hidden track nestled between a few moments of ambient street noise, a classic instrumental interlude in its own right, and a welcome addition to an otherwise short, but sickly sweet collection.

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