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Label: SDM
Released: 2008

Limited to 300 copies

'Pursue the Tragic Tune' is the debut CD from Opus Finis! This fantastic duo summon the hot and dirty post-coital Miami sun to create a raw, dark, and incredibly aggressive form of idiosyncratic electronic music. Both performing and recording strictly live on entirely homemade and modified analogue gear, Ramiro Jeancarlo(also of Staccato du Mal) and C.E. Oni(Siamese Pearl) produce a menacingly sinister, hedonistic sound combining the direct, confrontational energy of classic British Industrial and Power Electronics with the cold, infectious rhythmic structures of the originary wave of European Minimal Electronics and EBM groups. This collection of 18 trax produced between 2004-2008 is a retrospective of sorts, gathering together unreleased studio tracks with songs from the likes of both the group's long-deleted, self-titled debut CDr(previously only available at the Neon Welt Festival, Germany in 2006) and the first 'WIERD Compilation'(also 2006). The release also demonstrates the group's vast range of musical composition, with songs spanning the gap from downtempo spacious industrial/Noise soundscapes with cryptic, distant, occult-laden vocal echoes to uptempo, claustrophobic dancefloor killers. We assure you if you live through this intense 76 minutes and 23 seconds, the only sunburn you'll feel is that of pure frozen hot pleasure on the inside!

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minimal synth / new wave
1 A Strange Entrance 5:02
2 The Arrows Of Eros 1:43
3 A Starry Substance 3:59
4 Adjust 4:11
5 Scrying Formation 3:59
6 Diagonal Daggers 4:15
7 The Attempts To Undo 2:50
8 Ad Pondus Omnium 4:20
9 Fortress 5:17
10 The Nineteenth Sonnet Of Winter's Plight 4:47
11 Sanctum Of Cognition 5:26
12 Entered Apprentice 8:04
13 A Distant Deaf 6:54
14 Who Can Resist Incest In The Cesspool? 1:15
15 Examination Of A Greater Delight 3:12
16 The Twentieth Sonnet (A Night Realm) 3:38
17 The Errors Of Eros 4:05
18 Violent Virtues 3:26
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