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Label: Quartermain
Released: 2007

Death by Kite is the latest addition to the Quartermain family, an alternative, noisy rockband from Copenhagen. The bands three members met in autumn 2003, but it wasn’t until mid-2004 they started playing together regularly.
Since they came from fairly different musical backgrounds and genres, it took some time to find a sound which matched all three of them. But ultimately it was the differences that turned out to be the strength of the music, in which you can find reminiscences from bands such as Sonic Youth, Placebo, Siouxie and the Banshees, Interpol, Joy Division etc, all this combined in the unique sound of the band.

The main threads in the music are the popish melodies as well as the noise and the alternative harmonies. A tight-rope walk between cold war punk, noiserock and indie.

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indie / post-punk / noise / shoegazer
1.Sweet M (2:53)
2.Bhf. Asta (2:45)
3.Himmelfahrtskommando (3:57)
4.Pills (2:57)
5.It's Not a Song (3:52)
6.Hiroshima (3:04)
7.Scared of Heights (4:22)
8.Wedding (2:41)
9.Dare I Eat a Peach? (3:50)
10.Love Is Never Having to Tell a Lie (4:10)
11.Bulletin / Out (3:09)
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