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Label: Trakwerx
Released: 2008

Nervous Constellations isn’t just a new album, it’s a neo album reflecting the recording technology and topography of the times. 17 Pygmies/17th Pygmy stalwarts Jeff Brenneman (guitars) and Dirk Doucette (drums) (both alumni of the White Glove Test) ventured out of their California homes to meet Veronica Ashe (vocals) and Tory Troutman (various), of Oklahoma-based alternative rockers whose latest band, the college favorites judyjudyjudy, expanded upon the musical etherpop terrain laid out by their previous bands, Animated Mayfly Festival and Exapno Mapcase. Somewhere, the twain did meet, and together they drove in the golden spike that is Nervous Constellations. Smoldering Ashes’ debut is a mélange of melody, a cornucopia of concupiscence, flirting with, but ultimately shying away from, cacophony. It’s a place where surfers go to hoedowns and smiling mystics perch above dunk tanks, and all for a good cause.

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pop / rock / alternative / folk / world
1 Barker (1:51)
2 A Comedy Of Arrows (4:05)
3 Shenfinity (3:32)
4 Sea-Blue (3:18)
5 1,000 Birds Scatter (4:13)
6 Believe It, Brother (3:35)
7 Duct Tape + Superhero Hero (3:16)
8 The City Electric (2:53)
9 Temporary Archives (3:20)
10 Kite (2:09)
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