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Label: Rebis
Released: 2001

Hard to find hellishly dark album that seems to combine the psychedelic darkness of tracks like See Yourself and Mirror Of Illusion from early Hawkwind with the more experimental freeform daring that's prevalent on many indie releases. The production isn't exactly sparkling, but, to be honest, if it was, it would take away the inspired rough edges, there are some really frightening and thought-provoking songs on here. The attractive side to this album is the fact that the majority of the material is highly original (it is as far as I'm concerned), heavy(ish) guitar driven songs with (mainly) spoken lyrics laid well back in the mix, and hovering and grinning over it all is the spectre of Hank Marvin. This album isn't for the casual listener and even a seasoned well rounded eclectic purveyor such as myself finds that some of the tracks take a lot longer to hit the spot. You can imagine Clive Barker having some birthday bash, and there, under the laser guided disco lights is Pinhead, and Butterball, waiting for their partners to begin. Perseverance will pay untold rewards with this little album. (Dw). 

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alternative / psychedelic rock
1. Static Attic
2. Dying for the 7th Time This Week
3. Dog Star Sirius
4. A Cup of Tea in a Flying Saucer
5. However, Whatever, but Definately for Sure
6. Female Oriented Planet Control
7. To Which it Beats
8. Two Many People
9. Getting Back on the Horse
10. Welcome to the 21st Centuruin
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